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Wireframe Render

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Wireframe RenderIn previous Creating Transparent And Wireframe Globe tutorial you knew how to create wireframe globe. This time I will show how to create wireframe rendering to any object. The trick described in this tutorial will come handy for your career. When you apply a 3D modeler job position, mostly the employer request you to submit rendered 3D model along with wireframe. To create wireframe render in 3ds max, you can use Wire option in Material Editor or apply Lattice modifier. Both will be explained in this tutorial.

1.Use any model you want. For example I use Kung Fu Panda 3D model. This 3D model is free for download. If you want to know how to create this model click here


2. Open Material Editor. Clcik and drag from one sample material slot to your object to apply material. In Shader Basic Parameters, activate Wire and 2-Sided (optional). Change Diffuse color to Black. Open Environment window (shortcut=8). Make sure you use white color for Background.


3. Render your scene. You will get black wireframe on top of white background.


4. To create the opposite color, just change Diffuse color to white. Activate Self Illumination and change illumination color to white. Change background color to black.


5. Image below shows sample of rendered result.

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Didik Wijaya

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